Samuel Shaw's picture

Sam Shaw

Environmental Analyst
Resilient Landscapes Program
Watershed Science & Management

Sam Shaw is an Environmental Analyst in the Resilient Landscapes Program at SFEI. His work focuses on sediment transport dynamics within the San Francisco Bay and neighboring watersheds. He received a B.S. in Earth Science from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s in geomorphology at University of Oregon, where he investigated feedbacks between fluvial channels and landslides within the Eel River watershed of Northern California. Prior to joining SFEI, Sam was an educator at the Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation (MOXI) in Santa Barbara, where he developed a program to train scientists in interactive public outreach.

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Restoration Vision for the Laguna de Santa Rosa Completed! (News)

SFEI completed a long-term Restoration Vision for the Laguna de Santa Rosa in the Russian River watershed. SFEI, Sonoma Water, and the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation worked with technical advisors, stakeholders, and landowners to develop the Restoration Vision, which identifies opportunities for multi-benefit habitat restoration and land management that supports people and wildlife.

Laguna de Santa Rosa Master Restoration Plan (Project)

The Laguna de Santa Rosa is an expansive freshwater wetland complex that hosts a rich diversity of plant and wildlife species, and is also home to a thriving agricultural community. Since the mid-19th century, modifications to the Laguna and its surrounding landscape have degraded habitat conditions for both wildlife and people.