Lydia Vaughn's picture

Lydia Smith Vaughn, PhD

Environmental Scientist
Resilient Landscapes Program
Delta Science & Management
Terrestrial Ecology

Lydia Smith Vaughn is an environmental scientist in the Resilient Landscapes program at SFEI, where she works on projects related to ecosystem carbon storage and greenhouse gas dynamics.  With a background in soil biogeochemistry, she is particularly interested in how we can manage ecosystems for carbon storage in ecologically thoughtful ways.  Lydia received her M.S. and Ph.D. from the Energy and Resources Group at UC Berkeley.  There, her research had two primary focus areas: the dynamics and climate-vulnerability of Arctic soil carbon, and ecological considerations for land-based carbon sequestration strategies.  Before coming to SFEI, she conducted postdoctoral research in UC Berkeley’s Integrative Biology department, where she studied dry-season soil carbon dynamics at the Eel River Critical Zone Observatory.